• Bird Watcher Bernie Story Decks™

    Bird watching is one of the most popular pastimes in America and has become even more so during the pandemic. The Bird Watcher Bernie stories bring this subject to a new generation and highlight the value of friendship, perseverance, family, and creativity.

    Story Decks™

    make reading exciting and tactile

    Bird Watcher Bernie Story Decks™ are done in a bright colorful comic book style that is fun for all ages and perfect for 6-10 year-olds. The decks are portable and easy to handle. And 4” x 6” Story Decks™ fit perfectly in a stocking.

    Story Decks™ are:

    the perfect bedtime stories

    Story Decks are great at bedtime because when it comes to reading giving kids some control settles them down and improves their attention. Especially at bedtime, handing the child a card as each card is read gives them a sense of control and an acceptance of the story’s end (and bedtime’s beginning).

    Bird Watcher Bernie decks are:

    funny stories for kids

    Bird Watcher Bernie's bright colorful comic art style is perfect for kids. The young readers are naturally entertained and excited to read the short stories over and over again. Like all great children's literature Bird Watcher Bernie stories are entertaining for adults as well.

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